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MERGER Advisors is a well established multidisciplinary advisory firm based in Rome, Italy.

This business is specialised in supporting SMEs and large national and international groups. When MERGER Advisors first approached us, the main task was to develop a brand new digital presence that would embody their vision, mission and core values. Last but not least, the new website had to effectively demonstrate their vast scope of services and expertise.




MERGER Advisors is not an ordinary corporate studio, it is a unique advisory firm born from the union of highly skilled specialists offering tailor-made solutions across all areas of Tax & Business, Deals and Audit.

The website had to display an extensive amount of highly sophisticated and industry-specific information in a clear and effective manner while keeping a sharp and modern look.

The main challenge for our team was to come up with a strong and unique visual concept, capable of differentiating their website from the average corporate site while staying at the same time elegant and minimalistic.

The efficient content organisation in a visually pleasant and easily comprehensible manner is a must, especially for the mobile version of the site.

To better organise the content and not make the site look busy and confusing, we used sectioning and colour-blocking.

Sharp and minimalistic 3D graphics on the website help conveying the modern aesthetics.