La Distillerie de Monaco

La Distillerie de Monaco

The first and only distillery in Monaco

Truly unique in every aspect, La Distillerie de Monaco offers an exceptional handmade collection of liqueurs, spirits and eaux de vie. Armed with a solid understanding of their offering, the A maze Inc. team crafted firstly a marketing site for L’Orangerie, their premium bitter orange liqueur and secondly, the official e-commerce, where visitors are able to discover and purchase the full range of spirits and liquors made by La Distillerie de Monaco.


Digital Strategy
Web and e-commerce
UX/UI Design



The Marketing Website

In the digital era the website is a “face of the business”, therefore it is always a great responsibility to redesign a website of a well-known and established brand. We wanted to give a fresh and catchy look to the new L’Orangerie website, while keeping its original classic and elegant allure.


The E-commerce Website

Together with the marketing website we had to create an e-commerce for La Distillerie de Monaco. As the client needed and easy-to-manage website in short time we opted for a Shopify based solution. This allowed us to create a website, which could be easily chnaged and managed by the client himself, although we had to face with some serious constictions design and functionality wise as a traid-off for working with a semi-custom platform.



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